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DJ Nexon, IONO Music
Grèki DJ
28.05.2008. by Val Vashar

Cujorius One, Headstick Records
The Art of Mindfucking
14.04.2008. by Pila

DJ TV, Oxygen Records
Èeťki DJ i vlasnik Oxygen labela
15.11.2007. by Val Vashar

Krumelur, Zenon Records
Intervju sa Fredrikom povodom gostovanja u Zagrebu
10.10.2007. by Val Vashar

Edoardo, Neurobiotic Records / Sonica Festival
Mozak iza Neurobiotic labela i Sonica festivala
23.09.2007. by Val Vashar

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Edoardo, Neurobiotic Records / Sonica Festival
01. Hi Edoardo, first can you tell us some basic info about you?
I was born in Rome - Italy in 1975 and started djing in 1994. Have been listening to electronic music since the first record I bought (Mike Oldfield - Amarok).

02. How did you get involved into electronic music?
I started going to techno parties in 1993 and one year later started playing. I started playing techno and acid stuff and moved to Psychedelic Trance after one year.

03. Can you describe the scene in Italy today?
Sonica pushed the trance scene in Italy a lot, there are few parties happening every week. Most of them are not professional and mostly organized by young people who just make them happen to play there, but I can say that it's growing.

04. Let's talk about Neurobiotic; what releases can we expect in the future?
Next release is the new Bamboo Forest album, called Release your mind. After that there is a compilation I compiled called Neurology Volume 2 that will feature tracks from well established Neurobiotic artists as Polaris, Bamboo Forest, Zen Mechanics and few artists from other labels. Forthcoming releases are the first Zen Mechanics album and Polaris second album.

05. How hard is to run label these days? What about digital distribution or digital releases, any plans?
It's really hard since sales are dropping every month more and more. We are distributing Neurobiotic on Beatport and iTunes and digital distribution is doing better and better but still can't replace sales in terms of incomes.

06. Your favorite Neurobiotic release?
Panick, Joti Sidhu's second album and Altom first one.

07. Can you tell us more about Indica Music sublabel?
Indica Music is a collaboration with my good friend josko, it's releasing mostly Chill out stuff but we are thinking to move it to a different direction. We are still working on it, so I can't say much more than this. Expect some new stuff in the future!

08. Sonica is your latest big project. What is festival concept and philosophy?
Well, we wanted to create something new in Italy, after travelling around the world for parties and festivals i felt like I wanted to try to have an international festival in my country. This last Sonica was all about recycling and ecology, since we really felt we should communicate a message and not only make a music festival. It was working really well and I think this is Sonica will be about in the next editions... Of course managing a record label and being a dj myself I also give big relevance to the music, and I think I gave Sonica a really well balanced line up. The alternative stage was also a good idea to bring people close to other kinds of electronic music.

09. You played all over the world, which gig was your favorite and why?

I love festivals. Those I love the most are the most international ones, where you can meet people travelling the world. I have many friends in the scene and is always a nice occasion to meet people you don't meet much. My favorites are Universo Paralello, Sonica, Glade.

10. You also played at Croatia some years ago, do you remember it?
Yes sure, I remember was a small party in a beautiful island, lot of friendly people and good vibes. Hope to find the same vibe when I'll be back there...

11. You produced some music in your life, do you have wish to do more in this field?
I'd love to produce my own music, but have no time to do that. Managing the label, organizing Sonica and travelling every week doesn't leave me much spare time and I love to keep the free time I got for my girlfriend and my own fun.

12. How do you see the future of trance music?
I think trance music came to a point when it has to renew itself. It became quite boring to me, all music sounds the same and it really needs to renew, or it's going to die. I think it's time to get slower and groovier, deeper and more hypnotic. At the moment it's just about good production and great build ups, not leaving enough space to fantasy and trancey vibes.

13. Are you playing something besides psy/full on?
Yeah, I'm playing minimal techno. I find most of it more psychedelic than trance, really love it.

14. What can we expect from you in Croatia this November - Top 10?
I haven't got a top ten since I'm receiving lot of music all the time, but I'm sure I will play lot of forthcoming Neurobiotic releases. Expcet new stuff from Joti, Polaris, Zen Mechanics and Bamboo Forest.

15. What do you like to do besides music?
Travelling, go to parties and fishing. Thats what I do when I'm not working with music, but music always take most of my time.

16. Anything you want to add?
I'm looking forward to this gig, I'm sure will be lot of fun and is always nice to play for a new audience. Take care and see all of you soon!!

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