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DJ Nexon, IONO Music
Grèki DJ
28.05.2008. by Val Vashar

Cujorius One, Headstick Records
The Art of Mindfucking
14.04.2008. by Pila

DJ TV, Oxygen Records
Èeťki DJ i vlasnik Oxygen labela
15.11.2007. by Val Vashar

Krumelur, Zenon Records
Intervju sa Fredrikom povodom gostovanja u Zagrebu
10.10.2007. by Val Vashar

Edoardo, Neurobiotic Records / Sonica Festival
Mozak iza Neurobiotic labela i Sonica festivala
23.09.2007. by Val Vashar

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Krumelur, Zenon Records
01. Hello there!!!
Hey whats up!

02. Can you tell us some basic info about you, who stand’s behind Krumelur project?
Krumelur is me, Fredrik Larsson. Born in Stockholm Sweden some 27 years ago. Moved around a bit. Now living in Berlin.

03. Tell us something about your musical journey? How did you discover electronic scene?
After many years of playing the drums in different loose band formations, heavily into the whole metal thing I suddenly got pretty tired of that. I went to my first party which was a huge new years party in Stockholm 96-97 and was totally stuck. A few months before that a friend showed me how FastTracker 2 worked which was a very very early program for "making" music. So, after starting to go to parties my music drifted into trance and techno. And the rest is, as we say, history.

04. What equipment do you use in production?
My different setups have always been extremely low budget. For my first album and the early tracks I used my fathers old computer. No fancy sound card or anything like that, for monitors I had an old cassette deck from the seventies. Through the years Ive (very) gradually added some equipment, Yamaha monitors, a mixer, stuff like this. But as I said its always been very low budget and very lofi so its all been about the sequencer. For many many years Ive used nothing but FL Studio (or fruity loops as it was called then) but just recently I've glimpsed at Cubase and made one or two tracks with that. For live gigs I use Ableton Live.

05. Do you prefer to work in the studio or perform live?
I'm basically a studio person. However, its simply impossible in the studio to get some of the ideas and sounds that I come up with when I'm playing live purely by chance. I like to do a lot of improvisation when I'm on stage so weird things just happen. But when it comes to hardcore musical work the studio is the place.

06. How do you perform your live set?
Well, Ive got the basic elements of the tracks looped up in chunks. I can then mix between these. On top of this I sort of improvise with a bunch of loops and sounds. Some times its different, depending on the gig really.

07. What can we expect from Krumelur in the future?
Since about a year Ive been working on another project called "Kroppssprak". Just a few days ago I released my first vinyl single with this. So I'm working a lot on this now. As my musical taste has drifter strongly towards minimal and techno sounds Ive drifted far away from the classical trance thing, fast, intense full-on trance in particular. So the next number of Krumelur tracks you will hear are gonna be slow, funky, minimal and weird.

08. Are you playing / producing something besides famous Krumelur sound?
Kroppssprak being the newest side project Ive also worked with more abstract stuff. Me and a friend have a project called "The Trappezoids" which is extremely down tempo odd music. No releases so far but I have a feeling something might crawl out of that swamp in the near future.

09. Your favorite artists?
Being a huge fan of the minimal scene you'll find my fav artists there.

10. What can we expect from you in Croatia?
Expect to be surprised.

11. Best and worse experience when you played?
One of the absolute top ones have to be the Wangetti Beach Renegasm party. Audiogasm was supposed to be a massive festival outside Cairns in northeast Australia. But the cops did everything in their power to completely destroy this party. After relocating some seven times over a period of three days with the party pending between cancelled and not cancelled so many times it was silly. In the end the party turned into a very small gathering of the most hardcore dance fans who were simply determined to have a party or die trying. The location was beautiful Wangetti beach, the crowd was simply amazing and the gig went completely perfect. A shoutout to Ian Young who is one of the top killer organizers who went to amazing lengths to pull this off! Another amazing one was in Belo Horizonte a few years ago. One of the first progressive parties in Brazil, the crowd was just mental!! Don't get me started about bad experiences. I could go on for ages as there are many but I wont. It all involves organizers who are inexperienced.

12. You moved to Berlin. How did you adapt?
Wonderfully!! Finally I enjoy going to parties and clubs again! The minimal scene here is just amazing! Quality of life has really sky-rocketed for me and my girlfriend since we moved here.

13. Is there a life outside of music for you?
I'm a big fan of food and cooking. I enjoy wine and beer. I like to travel. I like history and I like the arts.

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