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DJ Nexon, IONO Music
Grèki DJ
28.05.2008. by Val Vashar

Cujorius One, Headstick Records
The Art of Mindfucking
14.04.2008. by Pila

DJ TV, Oxygen Records
Èeťki DJ i vlasnik Oxygen labela
15.11.2007. by Val Vashar

Krumelur, Zenon Records
Intervju sa Fredrikom povodom gostovanja u Zagrebu
10.10.2007. by Val Vashar

Edoardo, Neurobiotic Records / Sonica Festival
Mozak iza Neurobiotic labela i Sonica festivala
23.09.2007. by Val Vashar

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DJ TV, Oxygen Records
01. Hi Thomas, first of all can you tell us some basic info about you?
Hello Val, my name is Tomas (at this moment 30 years old fart:) and i come
from Prague, but for last 2 years - mostly - i live in Barcelona.

02. For those who don't know what does DJ TV stands for?
Well it can stand for many things, but in my case these are the initials of
my name.

03. Tell us something about "Oxygen Records"; what's the label concept and philosophy?
Oxygen records has been set in the year 2004. Since that time we have released 7 cds  (4 compilations and 3 artist albums). Our goal, is to release interesting, innovative and intelligent psychedelic music with heart and emotions. Internally we are focused on softer spectrum of psychedelic trance. So our releases can be ranged from morning full on trance to psychedelic progressive. We are trying to stay as much far as possible from any formulatic "products" (both full on or prog) and we tempt to choose music that has some inner sparkle and can stay alive more then 1 month. Meaning that we don't want present any fast consuming music but rather something that you can still listen after while.

04. Artist pool?
Setherian, Suntree, Sound Field, Spectra (All from S - i know:))

05. What can we expect from Oxygen in the future?
At this moment we are taking a small break to see and observe how the market
will develop trough this lets say "recession". But in the same time we will
release new digital releases and also my girlfriend and label partner (Djane
Nem) is working in her next compilation.

06. Why did you open digital label "D Oxygen"?
Mainly because we want to keep our artist being released. And if you have
for example 2, 3 tracks you cant put them these days on cd or vynil. Then
also because people have the freedom of choice to buy the exact track they
won't and they don't have purchase the full cd or whatever.

07. People know you as a DJ, any chance you will start produce music in future?
I don't suppose. I tried couple of years ago. And i have to admit that i don't
have the skills for that.

08. Do you get the buzz listening to trance music like in the old days? What do you think about new production and how do you see the future of trance music?
To your first question. If the track catches me then i can get the buzz easily. Unfortunately this doesn't happen so often these days. About the new production thing. I'm a bit sad about what is happening at this moment. The recent releases are not so interesting as i would want them to be. And lately i've been from most of the releases more disappointed then excited. But still there are artist and labels that are worth to follow. And about the future. I wish i would know. But i'm not a prophet, so anything i could say would be just a speculation.

09. Can you describe the scene in CZ and Spain, what are the biggest differences?
I can mainly speak about the scene in czech, because we are not a part of the spanish scene. We just live here, but we are not connected to the local crews and orgs too much in here. Of course we know what parties they are doing and stuff, but that's it.
About czech the scene. Its nice, the average parties takes from 100-400 people. During summer time there is every weekend some open air. And during winter one or more indoor parties per weekend. Once a month lets say a bigger event with foreign acts or djs. So you still get the nice familiar vibe. On the other hand some progress in the amount of visitors would help to the organizers to prepare events more easily. Where i see the biggest problem or the biggest difference with other comparable scenes is the lack of advanced producers. But in the same time our scene can offer great deco crews that are pretty well known around the psy culture. Musically you can usually listen to all sorts of psytrance. From progressive over full on to dark trance.

10. Who are your favorite artists? Any of the young / new ones we must keep our eyes on?
Well from the long time favourites i admire Human´s Blue work or Silicon Sound. Still keeping the level. From the newer ones i recomend Allaby, Protonica, Suntree or Plasmotek.

12. You played at Underwater Overground festival few years ago, but thats not your first touch with Croatia?
Of course not. We were used to go Croatia for summer holidays. And regarding music we were invited with my former group Sonic Distortion to play in Croatia in eee 2001.

13. Anything you want to add?
There is so many smart sayings that mostly anyone negates the other...:)

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