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DJ Nexon, IONO Music
Grèki DJ
28.05.2008. by Val Vashar

Cujorius One, Headstick Records
The Art of Mindfucking
14.04.2008. by Pila

DJ TV, Oxygen Records
Èeťki DJ i vlasnik Oxygen labela
15.11.2007. by Val Vashar

Krumelur, Zenon Records
Intervju sa Fredrikom povodom gostovanja u Zagrebu
10.10.2007. by Val Vashar

Edoardo, Neurobiotic Records / Sonica Festival
Mozak iza Neurobiotic labela i Sonica festivala
23.09.2007. by Val Vashar

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DJ Nexon, IONO Music

1. Hi, first of all can you tell us some basic info about you; what is your real name, where are you from, how old are you, etc, etc!?
Hello my name is Theodore Karampatakis. I’m 22 years old and I’m from Thessaloniki-Greece! Simultaneously with djing I am a biologist!

2. How and when did you first get in touch with electronic music, who inspired you in the early days and how did you get involved in electronic scene?
Well I get in touch with electronic music when I started hearing psychedelic trance music at the age of 15 from my sister who is older than me and she was partying for a lot of years!!! After this experience and a short bedroom dj career I started playing in big and small indoor and outdoor parties and festivals around Greece with a big success! I have been playing as a resident dj in Neverland bar for the 5th consecutive year. I have shared the same stage with respected names from trance scene like Electric Universe , Prometheus , Bamboo Forest , Max , Kox Box , U-recken , Rinkadink , Sub 6 , Cosmic Tone , Silicon Sound , Andromeda , Skazi , Black & White , Fatali , Vibe Tribe , Anneli , Neelix , Ace Ventura , Beckers , Liquid Soul , Emok , Aerospace , Galactika , Shiva Chandra , Day Din , Vaishiyas , Dualsnug , Gaudium , Earsugar , Aes Dana , Klopfgeister , Benni Moon and many many others...Also I have played with many local djs who have an international career ... My sets offer a mixture of psygroove and progressive sounds ... In this period I am playing as a label dj for IONO music (based in Germany).

3. Correct me if I'm wrong but "Gourmet" compilation is biggest succes in your DJ career. How did you get involved in that?
Indeed VA / Gourmet is my biggest success for the moment in my dj career.. but I have for sure some very promising and good plans for the near future with the label where I worked as a label dj (IONO)!
Well the whole story with this VA started when the label manager of Headstick rec. decided to begin a series of compilations with basic aim to promote Greek upcoming artists! With base this, Headstick proposed me to compile the Vol.2 of these series and I found this idea very good.. So I decided to cooperate with Headstick for this one!

4. Tell us more about your compilation - describe tracks, featured artists, etc!?
I tried to select the hottest new appearances of the Greek progressive trance scene. These are artists you will be hearing about in the forthcoming year, due to their forthcoming releases on respected labels around the globe. The artists who get involved in this VA is: Infinity, Progenitor, Inner State, Krama, Squared Curves, Shade Machine, Joia & Igneous! The style of the compilation as I told before is progressive trance – psygroove. I hope the audience has a good hearing and I’ll wait your feedbacks! :)

5. Can you describe the scene in Thessaloniki and / or Greece?
Well the things here in Greece become more difficult than before some years when Greek trance scene was very strong and many big & respected names performed here! Organizers have a big problem with the authorities especially at summer and that’s why after the well-known SAMOTHRAKI DANCE FESTIVAL we don’t have big fests.. But some promoters tried at the past to make some good movements like Butterfly dance festival.. and this summer Prytrance. gr team will organize a big event AURORA festival!!! As for the indoor parties my opinion is that some promoters give their best to keep alive the trance scene and we have good events during the year! You can hear in a party psychedelic and progressive sound! We are very lucky especially in Thessaloniki city cause every month we have very cool and fresh names from around the globe who giving their best at their performances. So I hope we try for the best in the next years to keep the spirit up and the whole scene of course and to have in our country better and better events, artists and organizing teams! :)

6. Do you play alot and is it hard to find gigs in Greece?
Yes at this period I have enough bookings but sometimes is difficult not to find bookings but find good promoters & organizers to work with!!!

7. Any weird experience happened to you while playing? Tell us!?
Hahahahaha. Nothing at all. If you exclude some illegal activities from guys in parties which where very funny and I get surprised when I saw them. Nothing!

8. Favorite labels and artists?
Ooo I like this question! My favorite labels are: IONO music, Iboga rec., Spintwist rec., Blue tunes, Alchemy & Nano! As for artists my personal taste is: Jey & Ex, Ace Ventura, Aerospace, Liquid Soul, Freq, Day din, Headroom, Zen Mechanics and of course many many others!

9. No problem for a DJ - Top 10?
My TOP 10 for this month is:
01. Dualism vs Meelo – I beg you (Symphonix rmx)
02. Tony Voyeur – My mind is going
03. Sinister Silence vs Sartil – Heaven and Hell
04. Ritmo & Suntree –Wake up
05. Freq – Short life again (Ace Ventura rmx)
06. Flowjob – Change everything
07. Ritmo – Rapture
08. Midimal – Over and out
09. TimeDrained – Alexanderplatz
10. Arw – Time is not free

10. Where do you prefer to play - club or open air? Why?
I prefer to play in open-air parties + festivals.. I think that I have an other contact with the ppl when I play, the sound is better than in indoor parties, you are in the nature.. So better vibes for all of us!!!

11. Couple of "a" or "b" questions:
- Kebab or hamburger?

- Hamburger
- Beer or coke?
- Beer
- Pelé or Maradona?
- Maradona
- CDJ 100 or CDJ 1000?
- CDJ 1000
- Basketball or football?
- Football

12. Celebrity Deathmatch - Infected Mushroom vs D-Nox and Beckers. Who would win?
I think D-nox & Beckers.

13. Do you want to add something to this all?
I would like to thank you from my side for this interview.. I wish to you and to the rest ppl who involved in this site all the best! Hope meet you soon cant wait to be there.. Till then my greetings from shiny Greece!!!

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